The Federal Budget, Changes to Welfare and The Labour-Crisis

And old blog post – relevant to how we think about the Budget and the role income management plays

assembly for dignity

On 10th May the Federal Treasury Wayne Swan presented the government’s budget for 2011-12. Simply put the budget is how the Federal Government plans to spend its revenue over the next financial year. It does this through a reading of the general economic situation and attempts to create policy which it believes will help that economic situation. As such the presentation of the budget is normally a main event in the circus of Australian politics and is the target of a whole flurry of commentary, speculation and critique. Most often the discussion focuses on what kind of underlying ideology the budget is based on (does it confirm to neo-classical or post-Keynesian economic thought etc.?)[1], how much money is going to who and the voracity of the economic modelling that it is uses. Since the budget details where the government is spending its money it has a direct…

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